Verena Friederike Hasel

“Imagine you are moving to another continent. You have a family, small children but not a house yet. You are starting to worry: Will we find something? Will it be suitable? Is this all going to work out? And then there comes Abbie.
Abbie organized everything for us. She found us a house at very short notice – and she did so much more than that. When I arrived in Devonport with my three children (and after a long-haul flight), we were all exhausted. Abbie could not have been more welcoming: She had put food in the fridge and she provided the girls with toys to play with. Abbie is the kind of person who can turn a house into a home in no time. She is not only highly organized and hands-on, but also has impeccable taste, and above all, she is one of the most warm-hearted human beings around.”