Listing Your House

Devonport Winter Houses

We are finding moremore people head north over the New Zealand winter and like the idea of having their furnished house managed while they are away.   

Kind of guests that will be staying in your house while you are away:

1.  Academics

2.  Ex Pats moving back to New Zealand and need a furnished accommodation until their container comes to New Zealand and they either move back into their own home (they might have it rented) or until they find suitable longer term unfurnished accommodation. 

3.  English moving to New Zealand and need a furnished accommodation until their container comes to New Zealand and they find suitable longer term unfurnished accommodation. 

4.  Local Devonport people that are having house alterations and need a furnished interim house while their renovations are happening!!   

5.  Overseas travelers looking to stay in the Devonport area for a longer period of time 

Our idea is to find you longer term guests BUT you also have to be open to having guests stay for shorter period of times. 

Please email us on [email protected] and we will email you more information.  If that works for you then we will have you accept the Terms and Conditions on the website and start the process.

Devonport Summer Houses 

Devonport Summer Houses are owners main houses  – while they are away for the summer we secure guests to stay in their houses – we have been in the business of “guests at Devonport Holiday Houses” since 2004 and all of our guests have been absolutely wonderful – our business is now made up of repeat guests and we need more houses.
Maybe you are going overseas or to your Holiday House  and would like to make some extra cash flow for Christmas/New Year –  please email us on [email protected] and we’ll email you information. 

Devonport Holiday Houses  –  Manage House all year!

We have been in the accommodation business since 2004 – we happily moved along with 4 houses and then 8 accommodations joined “The Devonport Holiday Houses Family” in 2008 – we now sit at around 30 accommodations and that grows to over 40 during the summer months. 

If you think you’d like to join Devonport Holiday Houses family of accommodations please just email us and we can discuss the procedure – we keep it simple here at Devonport Holiday Houses!!!

We totally manage the property for you – answer inquires, make and take bookings and prepare the property in between guests.  In the 10 years  we have been running the business we have had so many lovely, kind and brilliant guests.   Most of our guests come from England, U.S.A., Canada, Australia, Europe, Scandinavia, South America  and of course New Zealand.  Many are ex-pats coming home for a visit with family but like their own “space”.   Many are grandparents that adore their family and grandchildren but enjoy the opportunity to have quiet – it is fun for overseas grandparents to  have their grandchildren stay the night at the accommodations.

We now have more processes to list your house with Devonport Holiday Houses – after 12 years in the business we know what works and what does not work.   The accommodations must be immaculate before Devonport Holiday Houses arrives to groom the property – just email us below and we will send you the information.   


[email protected]

Terms and Conditions for Owners when listing your house with Devonport Holiday Houses