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About Devonport Holiday Houses

A home is more than just a roof over your head. It is a place to spend time with your loved ones. To celebrate. To relax. To seek refuge when it’s all too much.

Finding the right home, though, can be difficult. The same goes for finding the right guests. I can help with both. I am a true people’s person. I adore beautiful houses. And I love our wonderful community in beautiful Devonport. Call me a matchmaker: I bring people and houses together.

If you are from Devonport and you’re looking for a lovely guest who will take good care of your property while you’re away: Just let me know, I’m here.

If you are not from Devonport but want to find a suitable house, a lovely villa perhaps or a cozy cottage, a home away from home: Please get in touch. Whatever your need is, I will go above and beyond to address it.

I am a Devonport resident myself, firmly rooted in this close-knit community. So is my husband who often helps out. We are a locally-owned family business, always around and there for you when a problem arises. We simply love looking after people!

If you would like to find out more about what we do at Devonport Holiday Houses, please contact Abbie Lyons 021 300334. Or you can contact us on Facebook, instagram or on devonportholidayhouses.co.nz.

We are happy to provide references. And we’re always glad to receive feedback.

Guest Feedback

What our customers say about us

“Right from the start, Abbie was really friendly, welcoming and helpful. She even gave us a lift back from the supermarket with our first big shop!”

Richard & Anne, England

“Abbie and Jonathan are the best. They were superquick to respond whenever we needed something. They also knew exactly what we were looking for and gave us several options. All of these were great. They have a very thorough understanding of the real-estate market in Devonport. And they felt more like friends than people who were just doing a job. We cannot recommend Abbie and Jonathan more highly.”

Pascal & Karina Tavernier

“Abbie and Jonathan have been exceptional in every step of the way. From the time we contacted them with the potential rental of our house to regular thorough inspections. They carefully listened to all our concerns having to rent our house straight after a thorough renovation and made sure they addressed all of them with the new tenants. We felt looked after from day 1. Abbie and Jonathan have also made sure we smoothly transitioned from DHH to Vic Road Property Management as the tenants requested an extension of their rental agreement. In sum, when it comes to both Devonport Holiday Houses and Vic Road Property Management, we can only say incredible things.”

Vanessa & David Wilson

“Imagine you are moving to another continent. You have a family, small children but not a house yet. You are starting to worry: Will we find something? Will it be suitable? Is this all going to work out? And then there comes Abbie.
Abbie organized everything for us. She found us a house at very short notice – and she did so much more than that. When I arrived in Devonport with my three children (and after a long-haul flight), we were all exhausted. Abbie could not have been more welcoming: She had put food in the fridge and she provided the girls with toys to play with. Abbie is the kind of person who can turn a house into a home in no time. She is not only highly organized and hands-on, but also has impeccable taste, and above all, she is one of the most warm-hearted human beings around.”

Verena Friederike Hasel